Thursday, 26 January 2017

The ex of Osvaldo and Del Potro: sex in the bathroom?

Jimena Baron, former of Osvaldo, could have had a mess with the tennis player Juan Martin del Potro, according to the Argentine press.
The published information states that the actress and the tennis player met at a party and ... they would have had an intimate encounter in a toilet.
However, the mother of one of the children of Osvaldo, denied everything giving a curious explanation that has surprised the media.
"I know him, yes, yes, I know him. We met at this party, we talked for a while. He was with friends and I was with a friend ... If we cross phones? No, no, no , "Jimena said in the first instance.
But about his sexual encounter in the bathroom, he smiled before denying it. "No, no, not really. I live alone, apart. I'm going to my house or his house if I want to have sex. Besides, with a two-foot boy, a discomfort, it does not make sense. No no no. And less if it is a first time. I want to have a good performance, presentable, and not be there, in a bathroom. "
Finally, he acknowledged that he would like to have a partner. "If it arrives, I would love to be with someone, I am a good couple. I cook very well, " he concluded with laughter.

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